Facility Use Information

About the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center Facility

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Performing Arts Center is primarily an instructional facility providing for the support of the regular educational functions of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Performing Arts Classes, and activities scheduled by the Performing Arts Department and Performing Arts Center have first priority on the use of the facility.

Requests for usage outside these areas must be made to the Theatre Manager via our online reservation system.

This facility is used extensively by both UH Hilo and community organizations.

Am I eligible to use the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center?

The following categories have different priorities of use of the facility:

Category I

Activities scheduled by the Performing Arts Center or Performing Arts department classes.

Category II

Performing arts activities sponsored by University affiliated departments or organizations.

Category III

Other university activities limited to: University programs sponsored or co- sponsored¹ by Student Government organizations, Registered Student Associations (RISO) and educational activities sponsored directly by faculty, staff or public agencies where reciprocity exists (i.e. DOE, County of Hawaiʻi, etc.)

¹Note: “Co-sponsorship” means the assuming of equal responsibilities (including liability and financial) by a University-affiliated organization with an organization without University affiliation in conducting an event or activity.

Category IV

Non-university affiliated organizations conducting charitable, civic, community, cultural or educational activities which are operated on a not-for-profit basis and whose activities are appropriate for such facilities where the use does not infringe upon, delay or conflict with the normal operations of the University.

If your organization does not fall within these categories, you are not eligible to apply to use the Performing Arts Center.

How do I apply to use the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center Theatre?

The use of the Theatre by all organizations shall be by reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis subject to the scheduling priorities listed above.

University organizations may not reserve the theatre in excess of one year in advance. Outside organizations may not reserve the theatre prior to four months before the scheduled event.

The scheduling of the Theatre for use by organizations is coordinated by the Theatre Manager, Lee Barnette-Dombroski.

Organizations shall obtain and complete a use application form to reserve the theatre. The online reservation calendar is kept as up to date as possible. Submit a Request Online

The Theatre Manager shall determine the appropriateness of the application, the estimated charges for use and services (based on use-application), and any special requirements.

The organization will receive notice as to the status of their application. An organization shall not assume that a reservation has been confirmed until written approval is received from the Performing Arts Center.

The University has authority and reserves the right to deny, cancel, postpone, or alter arrangements for any event, if necessary.

How much does it cost to rent the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center?

The Performing Arts Center is a Special Use Facility, requiring trained professionals to operate specialized equipment in order to facilitate events. The Board of Regents has determined the fee schedule for the use of the facility. See our full Policy of Use, including a Synopsis of Required Fees and Services.

Services of a technical director, custodian and appropriate trained technical assistants are required for all activities except for those scheduled by Performing Arts Department or Performing Arts Center of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. Rental, extraordinary costs, and charges for special equipment and lighting will be assessed as applicable. A uniformed security guard is required at all public activities. Theatre equipment and materials are not to be removed from the theatre. Users are limited to two four hour rehearsals.

The Performing Arts Center Administrative Staff will evaluate applications and determine required personnel, equipment, and special needs based on the information in the requests. If an application is accepted, the Performing Arts Center will provide an estimate of charges for review.